Review: The Color Blew – Dance, Dance, Dance

Written by Chamoné Beere

Chamoné Beere is the host of Off Stage Podcast. She is also a junior Sound and AV Technician and uses her Podcast as a platform to introduce the various roles in the entertainment industry.

The Color Blew are a South African Alternative rock band that Dance Dance Danced their way onto Streaming Platforms. 

Shortly after releasing their sophomore album, Light Switch, and first single, African Sky, the band decided to release the Radio mix and lyric video for Dance Dance Dance. 

The song is unlike anything that the band has produced. Their previous albums describe the band and the story of how they became The Color Blew, but this song lets the listeners in on who they are as individuals. The composition of the song is layered with emotions and memories. It lets the listener wonder: “Is this all a dream?”. Without any preconceived notions of what music should sound like, The Color Blew mesmerizes you with what music can sound like if you make it your own. 

With over 60 years of combined experience, the band create, produce, mix and master their music in a Home studio that they have built over the years, whilst having full-time jobs. 

It goes without saying, these guys are phenomenal and their passion for music is stronger than the loss that they have overcome as a band and friends. Check out the interview I had with them on Off Stage Podcast:

The band’s energy resonates perfectly with their brand new song, dance dance dance. They play hard and work even harder. 

The Color Blew’s PR is managed by David Devo Oosthuizen from Devographic. He does an excellent job with the band and exposes them to the “new normal” with upcoming Live shows such as The Rockdown Festival and interviews with peers from the industry. 

There is no doubt that the South African Alternative rock band has a lot of tricks up their sleeve and will continue to prosper and share their story. I for one am very excited to see what they achieve next. The band also recently appeared on the Quintus and Baker Show in the Quintessential Underground:

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